Rally Podlaski-1st round Szuter Cup-Gravel Cup 2018


In BIZOL’s colors: Rafał Żydak with pilot Jacek Sciciński (BMW E36) from the RUFUS Rally Squad team by BIZOL.pl & SAXON.pl – 5th place in the Open class. The culmination of the event was a very spectacular closing ceremony, which took place in the Bialystok market, where all the rally cars came together (the view […]

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Hybrid Vehicles & Start-Stop Automatic In Urban Traffic


Start-stop systems increases engine wear up to 10 times and urban traffic test it to the fullest BIZOL Green Oil + is a cutting-edge, fully synthetic motor oil and Made in Germany. It is guaranteed to offer the best possible protection. Using a original combination of PAO, API Group V and an effective additive package, […]

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