Truck Primary 10W-40


  1. For use in commercial vehicles under great stress and most extreme conditions
  2. Less wear thanks to safe prevention of acidification (high TBN)
  3. Unique dispersing properties ensure the highest level of engine cleanliness

BIZOL Truck Primary 10W-40

BIZOL Truck Primary 10W-40 is a modern high-performance, low-friction motor oil designed for diesel engines with or without exhaust-gas turbochargers and charge air coolers. Modern technology in combination with unique base oils provides this product with its outstanding characteristics such as reduced friction, excellent wear protection and helps to extend the oil change intervals.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

MB 228.5 | MAN M 3277 | MACK EO-N | Volvo VDS III | Renault Truck RLD-2 |MTU Type 3 | Iveco 18-1804 T2 E7 | Deutz DQC IV | Scania LDF-2 |Caterpillar ECF-1A/ECF-2

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
86112 20 L
86113 60 L
86114 200 L

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