BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70


  1. prevents engine overheating
  2. dissolves contamination and deposits
  3. cleans and protects the cooling system

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 effectively cleans the cooling system by dissolving chalky deposits, oil and other contamination in the cooling ducts and pipes. Reduces the temperature of the engine and improves the cooling system circulation. Absolutely safe for seals, rubber hoses and aluminum parts.

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
8885 250 ml

How to use

A 250 ml can is effective by pouring it in the coolant fluid when it reaches its normal operating temperature. Run the heating system. Let the engine idle when the vehicle is not in motion for about 10-30 minutes. Empty the cooling system and flush with water. Refill the cooling system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A 250 ml can is effective for 8 liters of cooling fluid.



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