1. very good anti-ageing and chemical stability

  2. protects against clutch wear

  3. promotes smooth shifting

BIZOL Protect ATF DIII is a high-quality transmission fluid for automatic gearboxes, hydraulic clutches and power-steerings for which ATF of the type Dexron III G, Dexron II D or TASA is recommended.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

GM Dexron III G/Dexron II D/Dexron TASA | Ford Mercon 2004
MB 236.9 | MAN M 339 V1/M 339 Z1 | Volvo 97340/97341 | Voith H55.6335.XX |Allison C4 | ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/14A/17C

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
87110 1 L
87111 5 L
87112 20 L
87113 60 L
87114 200 L

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