BIZOL Protect ATF Asia


  1. proper functionality even under extreme operating conditions

  2. protects against clutch wear

  3. promotes smooth shifting

BIZOL Protect ATF Asia is a transmission fluid for automatic transmission and hydraulic clutches that meets the requirements of the latest specifications of the Asian market. This product ensures a proper operation of the automatic transmission even under severe operating conditions and considerable temperature fluctuations.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

JASO M315 1A
Toyota T-III/T-IV | Nissan Matic C/Matic-D/Matic-J | Mitsubishi SP II/SP-III |Isuzu BESCO ATF-II/BESCO ATF-III | Mazda AFT D-III/ATF M-3 | Subaru ATF |GM Daewoo | Daihatsu Alumix AF Multi | Suzuki ATF Oil/ATF Oil Special |Hyundai | Kia

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
28630 1 L

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