BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-20

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  1. superior engine protection in stop-and-go environment
  2. BIZOL W-guard technology for wear prevention
  3. BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology for maxing up oil film strength and fuel efficiency

Product Description

Our German engineers have developed a customized top-tier synthetic motor oil with an effective formulation for optimal engine protection in urban traffic when 75% of engine wear occurs because of frequent start-stops, rapid acceleration and short-haul trips. This formulation provides an extra layer of protection for turbocharged and supercharged gasoline and diesel engines equipped with DPF and TWC systems and automatic start-stop systems.

Base Oil

Fully Synthetic

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

Ford WSS-M2C-930-A/WSS-M2C-945-A | GM 6094 M

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
81070 1 L
81076 4 L

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